Abstract Paintings

Themes of Woe & Wonder

House on Fire, or House of Cards | A 60 x 80cm abstract painting on canvas. £100

House on Fire

The Cave. Thoughts on 45,000 year old human cave art. £100

The Cave

“A group experience takes place on a lower level of consciousness than the experience of an individual. This is due to the fact that, when many people gather together to share one common emotion, the total psyche emerging from the group is below the level of the individual psyche. If it is a very large group, the collective psyche will be more like the psyche of an animal, which is the reason why the ethical attitude of large organizations is always doubtful. The psychology of a large crowd inevitably sinks to the level of mob psychology. If, therefore, I have a so-called collective experience as a member of a group, it takes place on a lower level of consciousness than if I had the experience by myself alone.”
― C.G. Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious



Work in progress series of abstract paintings representing the 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem of Nathaniel Branden.

A parody

1. The Practice of Living Consciously 2. The Practice of Self-Acceptance 3. The Practice of Self-Responsibility 4. The Practice of Self-Assertiveness 5. The Practice of Living Purposefully 6. The Practice of Personal Integrity

Looking In

2 thoughts on “Abstract Paintings

  1. When did you paint “House on Fire?” Was it pre Grenfell Tower?
    Love the abstracts but also the photographs. Brilliant

    1. Thank you very much Sue. I must have painted that after the Grenfell Tower atrocity. Did it about 2 years ago I believe but I don’t recall it being consciously influenced by Grenfell. Certainly political corruption and the underlaying fragility of perceived powers was though. Thanks again.

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