24 hours – Votre Quotidien (your everyday)


“”There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”~ Douglas Everett

The first thing to do, to utilize time wisely, is to PRIORITIZE! List out all the things you have to do… everything that est dans votre esprit (is in your mind.) It would be wise to include meditation, worship etc. also as critical even though it may not seem to be.

There’s something called Pareto principle of the 80/20 rule. It just says, 80% of all results come from 20% of all efforts that you put in! So when you identify which 20% is most important, and perform it, you’re already quite successful! So focus vos efforts accordingly!

Always remember, the time is “now”! Device a methodology in your mind; suddenly, the whole thing will look a lot simpler and you can go about doing it!

Remember, fitness, meditation, healthy food may not seem like critical tasks, however including them as part of votre quotidien (your everyday) will make world of difference to how you feel. You will see a new you very soon, just shake yourself up and make up your mind to lead a tension-free organized lifestyle. You will soon find yourself spreading smiles wherever you go!

Top Tips

  • Big messes start with little piles — Completely finish your circles. Put things away as you finish using them. Aside from keeping you out of clutter and giving you a big clean up at the end of a project, you’ll know where things are the next time you need to use them.
  • Start tomorrow tonight! — Get in the habit of preparing for the next day at the end ofyour day. Write out a “to do” list for tomorrow’s tasks. Leave keys, wallet (or purse), and your To Do List all in the same place. For optimum time management,you can even lay out tomorrow’s clothing before you go to bed.
  • Round to-its — The easiest way to get “a round to-it” is to schedule a task. If the lawn needs mowing, put it on your to do list. Research has shown we are most likely to commit to a task if we plan ahead when and where exactly.
  • First things first – Prioritize your tasks and then schedule each one at the appropriate time. For instance, you may have to wait until after work to mow the lawn. Although it may be your “top priority” for the day, it needn’t be at the top of your list!
  • The pause that refreshes – Do make breaks a scheduled part of your day. A small break at the end of a large task or series of small tasks refreshes you and helps you to wind down and focus on “what’s next?”Image

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