Emotion and mathematics


‘We don’t work hard for logical reasons. Emotion is what drives us.’


“An equation is just another way of expressing the relationship between two or more things — or two or more forces. Emotional Equations help illuminate relationships — the relationships between one emotion and another and how the mix of two emotions may lead to a third,” says Conley.

Businessman, speaker, and author Chip Conley believes emotions have a scientific logic. By identifying the equations of your own circumstances, you can work through negatives and find your way to a more meaningful life — to understand yourself, your purpose, and your relationships with others. Emotions = Life.

‘Emotional fluency is the ability to sense, translate, and effectively apply the power of emotions in a healthy and productive manner. Yet most of us have more training in how to use our car or computer than we do in how to use our emotions in work and life. Welcome to driver’s ed for your emotions. Fasten your seat belts, please.’

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/emotions-math-insight-video.html#ixzz1yP8nVsjd

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